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..Sessions are an hour, I work short & long term. I'm a Humanistic counsellor who works eclectically, also with CBT, dreams and creatively.

..I work with addictions as I spent 10 years working with adults with addictions, drug, alcohol, gambling etc. I also work with other addictions & phobias. I use a CBT approach. 

..I worked 10 years with adults & young people for Rape Crisis so have extensive experience of domestic violence, rape, grooming, childhood sexual abuse & trauma.

..I worked within the chaplaincy of a Hospital counselling breast cancer patients & staff. I work with clients with a cancer diagnosis & those who have come through cancer but still left with anxiety.

..I have extensive trauma training & work as a trauma specialist with clients experiencing

nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety & depression. Trauma can happen to our minds or bodies & be recent or from the past but the trauma symptoms will usually interfere with your life. 

..I work with clients who have or are experiencing dysfunctional or abusive  relationships to give them an understanding of why this is happening.

..I've worked in most of the Secondary schools in Hampshire as a counsellor.

...i work with many clients with ADHD Autism & Aspergers.

..I worked for Children in Need the charity.

...I work with generalised anxiety.

..I work in a building at the end of my garden which is very quiet & peaceful.

..I work with age 16+
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